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SFI Commission Structure

It is important that you understand how the SFI affiliate program commission structure works. Here is a short – and I hope clear – explanation! (Please feel free to post your comments on this page if you have any questions of comments about this explanation.)

Every product on the TripleClicks website has a Commission Volume (CV). CV is the amount of the product price that is taken by SFI and shared out in commissions. CV is a minimum of 15% of the total product price. Sellers can choose to offer a higher CV percentage if they wish. For example, they might want to encourage more people to promote their products.

When a product is sold, the CV is divided into three parts

  • 45% goes to the SFI affiliate who directly referred or sponsored the customer.
  • 40% goes to the Tripleclicks Executive Pool.
  • 15% goes to the co-sponsor of the customer.


Product X sells for $30, with a CV of $10.

When an SFI affiliate buys product X, the seller gets $20 ($30 – $10 CV = $20) for the sale of product X.

$10 from the sale of product X is set aside as CV:.

  • The SFI affiliate’s sponsor gets $4.50 (45% of CV)
  • $4 goes to the Tripleclicks Executive Pool (40% of CV)
  • The SFI affiliate’s co-sponsor gets $1.50 (15% of CV)

How To Get The Most Out Of The SFI Affiliate Program Commission Structure

Now you know how the SFI Affiliate Program Commission Structure works, how can you best make it work for you?

1. Your first priority should be to directly sponsor SFI affiliates, then train them and show them the benefits of achieving EA rank and higher in SFI. Active affiliates will invest in their SFI business, bringing you a stream of 45%CV commissions.

2. Your next objective should be to bring buyers to Tripleclicks. A good way to do that is to start a Tripleclicks-related blog and write reviews of some of the products you can buy on TripleClicks.com.

3. When you are established as an Executive Affiliate (EA), watch the Pricebenders schedule for CSA auctions. Aim to build a pool of several hundred CSAs so that you can start generating 15%CV commissions on their sales activity.

4. As your team grows through several levels, aim to get to Bronze Team Leader or higher rank so that you can benefit from the Executive Pool commissions that you will earn on your downline activity.

5. Once you start generating 3,500+ VersaPoints (VP) a month, think about getting into the “Top 300″ so that you can receive a share of CSAs who have not been allocated to a co-sponsor.

Sandra Pugh

Executive Affiliate