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The Insanity Of Society?!

Posted by Sandra on March 24, 2016 at 11:45 AM

This seriously, is the insanity of society. We are programmed to believe that this is what life is supposed to be. That this is what we are meant to do and if we do it, we are on the right path so tell me something...

If that is the truth, why do so many of you suffer, struggle and spend most of the precious hours of your life away from your family and friends just to bring home a small paycheck?

This is craziness to me now but hey I was there too. It's what I believed as well. When a greater power lead me online to find my True Answer, it's only at that point did I truly understand the insanity of our societies belief system.

Please, everyone, this comes from my heart. Stop falling for this garbage.

Don't you miss being with your family and friends?

You spend a total of almost 8+ hours a day working for someone else, being told what time you have to wake up, what time to shower, to eat breakfast, when you can take a tinkle break, when you can eat lunch, when you can go home.

Then once you're home you're so tired, you eat dinner with your family, spend a small amount of time with your kids, then head to bed yourself to start the routine all over again!

Imagine what it would be like if you would just take that chance and start a business of your own so you can return to the real important things in life, you, your family and true happiness.

People are afraid to try... why? For many reasons but mostly because they live in the "Whifs"! What is that?

Whifs (is what I have always called it) = What if's!

1- What if I can't do this

2. What if I don't understand this

3. What if I fail

Believe it or not, if this is the thinking you allow yourself to live in, then you are creating your life or should I say "not creating it". You have programmed yourself for failure instantly.

It's easier to be told what to do and slave at it losing your precious moments, then taking the chance to change it around.

If you are the type of person to question everything then I have THE PERFECT SOLUTION

Instead of What if'ing yourself like the above make a simple change and say to yourself.

1.What if I CAN do this?

2.What if I DO understand this

3.What if I DO SUCCEED?

Always remember, not ONE SUCCESSFUL person popped out of their mama's belly knowing everything. We all know what we know because we were taught, because we studied until it became 2nd nature. So what would be different about YOU learning how to create and command your own freedom?

The only thing standing in the way of that is not everyone else, it's in your thinking.

So do yourself a favor, do you want to be retired at 65 with a nice shiny watch and a thank you note with no way to survive off of your pension OR

Do you want to take the chance and make a serious change for yourself and your family so you don't have to worry about those things.

Life flashes by fast, most of it spent away from the ones we love to make someone else's life easier so I ask you one more time.....

What is the true insanity here?

Stay Blessed and for Cryin Out Loud Create Your Own Life No Matter How Long It Takes!


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To Your Success,





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