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Paid VS Free Advertising

Posted by Sandra on March 24, 2016 at 10:50 AM

Here is a tip from my sponsor

Paid Vs Free Advertising. This is something I get asked about almost on a daily basis.

"Which one is the best, which one should I start with?"

Well lets weigh these out.

Most of you know my story from when I started online at the end of 2012. I had no money but 27.32 cents to my name so I had to go the long route. Learning how to do this and how to do it with free methods using social media.

It worked well but straight up, it's a lot of work and does not usually yield a return immediately.

Organic Free Traffic is awesome but it takes time and most of all it takes work. Work in learning and work on how to properly present your opportunity to get results.

Now honestly, if I had money right from the get go, I would have used to for paid advertising.

So let's weigh this option.

Paid advertising is the best route to go in order to be able to drive a "high volume" of people to your business. This also is great for people who either can't wrap their head around marketing themselves or don't have the time to put into learn and building slowly.

When doing paid advertising you can actually get more traffic to your business in a much quicker fashion than building it from the ground up using social media methods.

Now there's one more form of advertising I want to throw into the mix here that many people do not talk about however it's more POWERFUL than you know.

Offline Marketing.

What is offline marketing? Exactly that. Advertising your products or services in the real world away from the internet. It can be very easy and very powerful with not much money to invest to get the word out there.

For instance, you can create flyers on your own computer. Print out a bunch. Describe your business and give a website url on it or even a number or email people can reach you at.

Then take them to the local Grocery or Laundromat, community centers and post them on cork boards. There's always people looking on those things. People who need extra cash or just a "way out" of their current situations.

You can get business cards printed up for cheap and leave them at local restaurants, bars lol or wherever they allow you to leave cards.

If you're not good at designing cards, who cares. go to Vista Print online and they have designs for you.

You can also purchase bumper stickers with your website url and simply say something like "Want To Work From Home" and then have your link.

You can create rear window stickers as well. Once you get all of that out there, that's "hands free traffic baby!"

So my honest opinion, if you can afford it right when you start, do some affordable paid traffic and be consistent and do offline marketing. These 2 together can wield you powerful results.

I personally recommend YBR Traffic and Udimi Solo Ad Providers as well as they are very affordable and people do get results using that website. I personally use it as well.

You can sign up for a free account on Udimi if you haven't already and take a look around and research different sellers. You can see who is using what sellers and if you see repeat business, you know that they probably have a good and responsive list.

If you find one and are ready to try it but you are not sure how to write an email ad which is referred to in the industry as a "swipe" that's okay.

Many of them if you message them ahead of time asking them if they can write it for you, a lot of them will as they know what works best with their list.

DON'T GO buying crap traffic from places like Fiverr or any sites that say "hey we'll send 10,000 hits to your website for 10 bucks" don't fall for that. You will never see conversions. It's literally fake traffic! I'll do a write up about those later.

Then when you have time, start building your business presence on social media, build a blog if you like or do Facebook, Youtube, there's so many ways to get you and your biz out there.

So I hope some of this information can help you to move forward a lot quicker in your new businesses.

So to sum it up...

1. Get quality paid traffic if you can afford it

2. Get Offline Advertising going

3. Build your social media presence for long term organic traffic.

heart emoticon you all and STAY BLESSED!

Talk soon

The "Ex-Broke Chick"



Hope these tips have helped you.

To Your success,


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