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The Real Way To Making Money Online

Posted by Sandra on March 21, 2016 at 11:55 AM

So basically what I would do from what I have learned and I'm talking about marketing. This will work for any business that you are in and want to market. For those of you that don't have a lot money and I did say not a lot I didn't say no money. What it takes to do this is you need to invest some money. If you don't have any money then I suggest you get a job to help with the marketing or work overtime.

1. Find a product to market.


This can be any product like from Amazon there are tons of things to promote like affiliate programs, etc. Just don't get any product make sure you love it and believe in it, Something you use. People can tell if you believe in your product or you are just trying to get their money. When you believe in your product your are able to explain it, talk about and share it easily with confidence.


2. You need an Autoresponder

The money is in the list is a true saying. This is the backbone of your business and it is how you generate leads. This will help you to collect people's name and email address.

Definition of an autoresponder: a program that automatically generates a set response to all messages sent to a particular e-mail address.


I'm sure you have come across this before . So an Autoresponder is when you have tried to buy a product and you come to some kind of sales pages not a website. There's a cool video playing and a nice heading and you see a box that is asking for your name and email address. They are offering you a free E-book for example and you put in your name and email address. When you do that you are opting in to their email list. This is what you need to be doing too making your own email list. So then when you opt in now everyday or every 2 days or however many days they set up their Autoresponder they will now be sending you promotions, valuable content or whatever and that is how you turn your leads into sales. So a good autoresponder is GetResponse it is not free it costs $15.00 a month. But it is free for the first 30 days so take advantage of that and try it for free now.

Very powerful tool all marketers need to have to build your on e-mail list. Next you need to:

3. Create your own Capture Page


A capture page is the page you see the opt in, sales page on. The tool to use for that is GetResponse because they have the autoresponders, cool captures and landing pages plus videos to teach you how to do all of this. So a capture page is when you create this page let's say on a health product you like then you could use a video ad some text and you have created your own sales page so this is something that you need. So Getresponse is killing two birds with one stone so to speak. A great investment for your money. So now you have found your product you have your GetResponse autoresponder and capture pages set up now you need to market your capture page link or site.


Here are two ways to market your capture page, product or whatever:

1. Video Marketing

If you are not doing this you are leaving money on the table. Get over your fear of being in front of other people on camera and just do it! It's costing you a lot of money and there are ways to make videos without showing your face. Get training on video and YouTube marketing online.

2. Facebook Marketing


I'm not talking about spamming on Facebook groups posting your link all of us have done that at one point or another. I'm talking about real training on marketing paid and free to create ads for facebook. So even with your product, captures pages set up and video marketing ,etc there are way more things you can do to market your business but start with those techniques and you will make money then move on to something else.


So if this is all confusing and your saying to yourself Sandra can you please take me to one place so that I can absorb this information and teach me all of this step by step. So there is a place you can go to teach you all of this. When you see people making crazy money online everyday they are doing the steps above and more. They have just learned how to upscale their marketing by doing what I've just taught you. They aren't doing anything special except applying what they have learned. If you want to learn more ways to upscale your marketing then click the link below. It's not FREE so if you are a freebie person then this is not for you. Join my team and let's make some real money.


Join my Team and Change Your Life for The Better



To Your Success.






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