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What is Privacy Maxx Family Identity Theft Protection Plan?

Posted by Sandra on October 26, 2015 at 1:20 PM

So, what is this Privacy Maxx Family Identity Theft Protection Plan which is valid for 3 years once purchased? What are the features?


The 6 types of Identity Theft are:

1) New Account Fraud

2) Account Takeover Fraud

3) Criminal Identity Theft

4) Identity Cloning

5) Medical Identity Theft

6) Commercial Identity Theft


Thanks to TripleClicks. Privacy Maxx Protection Plan designed to protect the ID theft. This Plan is customized exclusively for TripleClicks members, with 3 full years of comprehensive coverage for your entire family.


Your benefits are:


a) In the event of ID theft you have a direct access to a Privacy Maxx professional recovery advocates, who will manage the whole process of recovery, for you and your family. This includes handling the follow-up paper works, phone calls, recover your name of credit history.


b) Privacy Maxx provide proactive internet monitoring, fully managed Identity Recovery service in the event of identity theft is detected.

c) A $25,000 Service Guarantee – to cover the costs of recovering and restoring your identity to its pre-theft status.


d) Premium Internet Monitoring & Public/Private Database Address Monitoring – Proactively scan for sensitive personal information sold and traded on black market internet sites & chat rooms. This includes monitoring credit & debit card numbers, bank account numbers, social security numbers, driver’s licenses numbers, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses of any other sensitive information. Simply means changes to your personal information in public and private database is being monitored, for early warning of identity theft.


e) Fully managed Identity Recovery. Performed by professional Identity Recovery Advocates, they will help to restore the victim’s identity to pre-theft status.

Other plus point is that;

• heavy lifting is done by professional, not the victim.

• You are given a victim hotline with unlimited restorations

• No deductible and no exclusions of coverage

• Pro-active post recovery monitoring for 12 month


A great protection for your whole family because it is valid for subscribing customers, spouses or domestic partner, all children under the age of 25 sharing the same address as customers, and also all IRS dependents of customers.

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